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Ready to Grow Your eCommerce Business?

Small Business
We provide ONE-STOP service to small businesses, including
– Product sourcing
– Vendor validation
– Manufacturing inspection
– Order fulfillment management.
We are ALL YOU NEED to expand your online store.

Medium to Large Business
Our company offers a COMPREHENSIVE solution to boost your efficiency. You get broad product portfolios and a clean supply chain.
We also store, handle, choose, pack, and transport your items from DOOR-TO-DOOR, so you have peace of mind.

Product Development
With years of experience, we helped THOUSANDS of businesses to kickstart their ideas.
Our experts guide you STEP-BY-STEP to scale your business fast with minimal effort.
What Services Do We Provide?
Product Sourcing
We have the most up-to-second products, so you notice the market trend. With us, you find REPUTABLE suppliers with BUDGETED goods to meet your branding needs.
You grow your business double-quick and get good responses from customers.
Private Label
Our team offers a ONE-STOP solution for private labels. You drive profitability, differentiation, and customer happiness with our service.
It is money-saving, and private labels reduce manufacturing, transport, and advertising costs.
Photography & Graphic Design
An eye-catching product will definitely win others’ hearts. Our PROFICIENT designing team captures STUNNING images and creates INGENIOUS designs.
You generate more inquiries and boost sales with the help of our innovative team.
Quality Control
We provide a BROAD range of quality control services as per your needs. You get best-in-the-town quality products at a competitive price.
With this measure, you reduce production costs and increase customer loyalty.
We have a decade of experience searching out RELIABLE sellers. We offer affordable solutions to ALL your product and shipping choices.
Your business grows with the LOWER shipping fees, and you achieve success in no time.
Fulfillment and Warehouse
We help store, inspect, and deliver your product FAST when needed.
You don't have to worry about the inventory. We do the job for you.
Need Producting Sourcing In The Globolly?
Matrex Sourcing Helps To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality!

Sourcing Expert
Matrex Sourcing is a TOP-NOTCH sourcing company with a decade of sourcing experience. You save hassles while our professionals do everything about sourcing for you.

24/7 Online Support
Our EFFICIENT and FRIENDLY customer support replies to your inquiries and rapidly sends documentation within 24 hours.
You get a COMPLETE quote from us at zero cost.

100% Product Quality
We strictly guarantee the quality of purchased products to meet customer needs.
You GROW your brand in weeks or months with these quality goods.

Affordable Shipping Prices
Matrex Sourcing has an EXTENSIVE network of shipping companies. We ship your goods fast and safely according to your transportation requirements.
You save more costs with our WIDE VARIETY of delivery service choices.

High-Quality Suppliers
We source only from the BEST suppliers with excellent and trendy products to give you a better competitive advantage.
No more wasting time and money, but getting bad suppliers and products. Your sales SKYROCKET with our comprehensive sourcing services.
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